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Featured Speakers :

 Steven Carnovale
Steven Carnovale
Assistant Professor of Supply & Logistics Management
Portland State University
 Scott Preston
Scott Preston
Chief Supply Chain Officer and Chief Procurement Officer
Tronox Limited
 Jon Shoemaker
Jon Shoemaker
Transportation Analyst
 Naveed Goraya
Naveed Goraya
Director, Supply Chain
Captek Softgel International
 Richard Sherman
Richard Sherman
Senior Fellow, Supply Chain Centre of Excellence
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
 Thomas Choi
Thomas Choi
Professor of Supply Chain Management
W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
 Tony Benedict
Tony Benedict
Vice President, Procurement & Supply Chain
 Mark Hersh
Mark Hersh
Director, Supply Chain Strategy
The Clorox Company

67% of companies are actively engaged in bringing analytics to the supply chain, either through organization-wide or supply chain specific initiatives or conversations, but only 17% of companies have actually implemented analytics.*

What does that mean for your company?

That analytics is the future of supply chain, and you will need to act fast to capitalize on the competitive advantage it offers early adopters.Our Supply Chain Analytics & Optimization Summit, taking place January 21-22, 2016 in Phoenix, is designed to give next generation supply chain leaders the tools they need to mature into strategic, insightful, forward-looking executives for the new, agile marketplace.

Historically, a company’s supply chain function was a support system designed to meet demand with supply in a cost effective manner.  While this is still an aspect of supply chain, now more than ever supply chain leaders are demanding strategic positions within their organizations.  To get there they need to build up not only their business knowledge but their analytical capabilities.  With the digitization of the supply chain, leaders have a plethora of information that allows them to move beyond descriptive analytics to the more advanced realm of predictive and prescriptive analytical capability.  In short, supply chain maturity is directly related to analytical maturity.

During our comprehensive, empowering event, you’ll hear from business leaders that have truly tapped into analytic potential in three core areas as they


  • Hire, train and retain true analysts and data scientists
  • Keep pace with the “everyone is an analyst” ethos by instilling the fundamentals within every facets of the supply chain organization
  • Transform overall company culture into one that embraces the necessity of analytics


  • Develop the business case to demonstrate the ROI of supply chain analytics
  • Enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility by breaking down internal silos and enhancing vendor collaboration
  • Apply analytics to existing supply chains to locate gaps and inefficiencies


  • Invest in a supply chain structure that truly facilitates rather than inhibits enterprise technology
  • Develop real-time monitoring capabilities to enhance the agility of your supply chain operation
  • Move toward use of BI/analytics tools to go beyond the typical scorecard or dashboard abilities

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*Accenture’s Big Data Analytics in Supply Chain: Hype or Here to Stay?

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